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Exapta Solutions was created by farmers and agronomists to fulfill a need for better seeding technology and methods. Our products and educational efforts are brought to you by the people who live in your industry every day. Exapta relies on the necessity-driven innovation of many farmers and researchers to find solutions for high-performance planting and production. To this day, Exapta’s forte is understanding how plants grow, and how the no-till seed-installation process can be more effectively accomplished. We strive not to sell you some device, but to provide useful information to help you get the most from your seeding equipment—more acres, better emergence, higher yield, and greater profit. Once armed with knowledge, we hope you will see the value and wisdom of our products. We provide quality aftermarket no-till equipment and parts for John DeerKinzeCase-IH, New Holland and AGCO.

Planter Parts

Valion seed tube guard

Extreme Durabilty


Keeton Seed Firmers

In-furrow seed-firming


Mojo Wires

3x to 5x more pressure

Liquid tube holster

External routing makes life easier

Thompson Wheels for Planters

Thompson Wheels for Planters

Aggressive furrow closing

Toe-out Wedge

Aggressive closing action

Drill Parts

Ingersoll blades (JD 50/60/90)

Dramatically sharper

SeedVU diffusers for air drills

Better seed placement


Ninja seed bounce flap

Keep seeds in the furrow


DuraLok seed-lock wheel

Narrower to fit the furrow better


Leaf Springs

15% more force


Keeton Seed Firmers

In-furrow seed-firming

Mojo Wires for Drills

Up to 5x more pressure


Thompson wheels for Drills

Aggressive furrow closing

Case P-500 Drills

Faster emergence, more vigor

Educational Products

No-till Seeding DVD

Step by step guidelines for setup and adjustment of your planter and drill


No-till Seeding School DVD

Learn very simple, easy adjustments that often provide enormous improvement

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