No-till Seeding Explained™ DVD

  • Completely overhauled since the ’09 edition. Educational. No sales pitches.
  • Step-by-step guidelines for setup and adjustment of your planter and drill
  • Tips on side-band and pop-up fertilizer
  • Hundreds of photos, diagrams, and video clips
  • Includes printed 10-step guide on adjusting planters & drills, for in-field reference.

No-till Seeding School Video 2019

  • Now available online and you can review it again next spring.
  • Listen to discussion of stand count results in different years, conditions, locations and planters.
  • Featuring keen commentary from highly successful no-tillers, Tom Cannon and Kent Stones.
  • Discussion and analysis with agronomist Matt Hagny

No-till Seeding School Video 2016, 2018 & 2019

  • Footage from our 2016, 2018 & 2019 in-the-field events.
  • Featuring keen commentary from highly successful no-tillers Tom Cannon and Kent Stones.
  • Along with discussion and analysis from agronomist Matt Hagny.
  • 2016 was truly muddy for both initial planting, as well as the day of the event.

No-till Seeding School Video 2018 & 2019

  • Footage from our 2018 & 2019 in-the-field events.
  • Jason Stanbury’s farm, Lorraine, KS (2018) and Kent Stones’ farm near Lebanon, KS (2019).
  • Discussion of stand count results from different years, conditions, locations and planters.

Everything You Need to Know About No-till Farming

No sales pitches. This DVD is aimed at nurturing your understanding of the seed-installation process, and we have tried in the utmost to be truthful and objective, and to deliver highly useful insights and tips. We sincerely want no-tillers to succeed, whether or not they buy any hardware from Exapta.

Detailed narrative and visuals to guide you through everything from off-season overhauls of your planter & drill, to exact step-by-step adjustments in the field. Actual footage of Matt Hagny excavating seeds in furrows (both planters and drills); discussion of what good seed placement looks like, and why. Troubleshooting. Maintenance tips. Aftermarket upgrades. Seedling growth. Fertilizer placement. Agronomy. How uniform timing of emergence overshadows uniform spacing for yield influence. For highly effective no-till seeding, this video has it covered.

120 minutes of narrated video, diagrams, and data covering nearly every aspect of no-till seeding; includes 10-step printed guide for in-field reference. Free shipping within the US and Canada

While we cover no-till seeding in the broadest possible terms, specific recommendations given will apply primarily to the JD/Kinze/White planter design, and to the Deere 50/60/90-series single-disc gauge-wheel drills. Case SDX & Case Precision 500 / NH 2080 gauge-wheel drills are also discussed. (Once you see the explanation of the discrete actions required for proper no-till seed placement, you’ll understand why we focus on these particular models as being the top choices for no-till seeding in North America. Even if you do not yet own these seeder models, you will benefit from understanding no-till seeding better as explained in this comprehensive DVD.)

“Thank you for creating this wonderful DVD. It’s the best $65 I’ve ever spent in farming. I’ve never seen anything like it, certainly not in Australia, and not from the U.S. either.”
Fraser Pogue

Australia, Customer since 2012

“Yesterday I watched your Exapta seeding video for about the 4th time. I review it every year. It is by far the very best no-till seeding video I have ever seen.”
Eddie Hoff

Boonville, MO, Customer since 2008

“A great educational DVD: Thorough, well-tested, innovative, and farmer-friendly.”
Steve Groff

Cedar Meadow Farm, Holtwood, PA, Exapta Customer since 2009

“I have your Exapta DVD and it helped me a lot.”
Hennie Vermooten

South Africa, Exapta Customer since 2010

For those who missed out on the school, you can purchase the full 3-hour video while supplies last.

Some highlights include:
  • Learn very simple, easy adjustments that often provide enormous improvement.
  • An array of adjustments & attachments on planters & drills shown in action.
  • Inspection of corn stands planted a couple weeks prior with the same configurations.
  • Clear explanation of the interactions amongst the components of planters & drills.

The Seeding School is purely educational, and not an infomercial for Exapta products.

We’d like to thank our past Seeding School hosts, including Kent Stones, Jason Stansbury, Craig & Gene Stehly, Joe Swanson, David Young, and Doug & Tracey Palen.

“We always get a lot out of your Seeding Schools. We feel comfortable no-tilling now.”

Lennie Blain, D.S.&R. Cordel

Cawker City, KS, (multi-year attendees)

“Well worthwhile. Very informational. One of the better things I’ve done—I could actually see what I was supposed to be doing, rather than just hearing someone talk about it. The planter demonstration was impressive as to the differences in what we’re doing with the operation of each component. Time well-spent.”

Glenn Bauer

Regan, ND

“The Seeding School was really worthwhile. The guys need to be there—they should be going every year.”

Tom Rabern

Huron, SD, (multi-year attendee)

“The Seeding School is very enlightening”

Dale Schmitt

Beloit, KS, (multi-year attendee)

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