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No-till Success Starts with Education

Exapta Solutions has been at the forefront of developing no-till knowledge and technology for the past two decades. Gain practical, working knowledge of no-till farming techniques by exploring our educational materials, guides, and tips.


The Guide to No-Till Seeding was developed in 2002, by Exapta founder, Matt Hagny. It outlines the basic principles of no-till seeding including a review of openers, achieving and maintaining blade depth, seed firming and more. You’ll also want to check out the Fundamentals of Seed Placement.


For further information on your drill setup or planter setup, or to find out how you can make your operations more efficient, we offer tons of helpful tips.

Library & Links

For further reading, refer to our Library & Links section. These tips have been collected from the most successful no-tillers and researchers in the industry so you can be sure you are getting accurate information.

Numerous studies have shown that no-till agriculture is effective and profitable, if done properly. Learn from the best, only at Exapta Solutions. Get the latest educational materials, guides and tips delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing to Exapta’s newsletter.

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