No-till Success Starts with Learning

Exapta Solutions has been at the forefront of developing no-till knowledge and technology. Gain working knowledge of all things involving this productive and lucrative farming technique by exploring our educational materials, guides, and tips.

No-till Planting History

No tillage farming is an agricultural technique in which the soil remains undisturbed, as farmers plant seeds without the use of plowing. While variations of this method, such as seedball farming, date back to ancient times, the no-till way was only introduced to modern farmers in the 1940s. It was then brought to popularity by several farmers and researchers after World War II, following the influx of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Today, it is widely used and is rapidly expanding across North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

The main idea behind no-till farming is pretty simple – protect the topsoil by not tilling it after harvest, allowing plant stalks and crop residue to decompose where they lie, thereby retaining the moisture and organic matter of the soil. This method results in less tillage, if at all, which is laborious for a farmer and disruptive to the soil; better seed management; and a more cost-effective spending on fertilizer. All these, in turn, increase the farm’s productivity and profitability.


Today, farmers use planters and drills to distribute seeds across the field in a precise and uniform manner. Equipment and parts are specifically engineered to obtain good seed-to-soil contact and optimum depth control.

These devices are meant to withstand various soil conditions and, ultimately, to achieve maximum seed germination and better crop yields. Learn all these, and more, by following our step-by-step guides. Our guides have been developed by successful no-till growers and researchers in the US, including our founder, Matt Hagny.


If you are still having trouble understanding your drill or planter, or if you want to find out how you can make your operations more efficient, we offer tons of helpful tips. These tips have been collected from the most successful people in the industry so you can be sure that you are getting tips that really work.

Numerous studies have shown that no-till agriculture is effective and profitable, if done properly. Learn from the best, only at Exapta Solutions.