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Case IH P-500 & SDX Drill Parts

Now available: Forges de Niaux’s superior blades for Case-IH Precision Disc 500 / NH P-2080 / 2085.  Same dimensions as OEM, but with the greater durability of the Forges de Niaux!  Harder on the periphery, for 20% greater wear life.  Stays sharper longer.  (Note: We don’t stock these in our warehouse; all orders will incur shipping.)

Atom-Jet Firming Wheel are another option for these drills, allowing for the benefits of a trailing packer tire as well as in-furrow packing directly on the seed. The firming wheel presses seeds down into the bottom of the furrow to give consistent seeding depth. This firmer uses existing locations on the shank to mount with no modifications needed and fits directly behind the scraper and ahead of the packer tire. The UHMW material used in the firming wheel itself helps to shed any soil that sticks to it ensuring that the unit does not build up and stop turning. A 12lb spring pushes down with enough force to gently press the seeds into the bottom of the furrow.
Atom-Jet seed boot/scraper (Case P-500/NH 2080, right or left). These carbide-protected replacement scrapers for the single shoot version of these drills are made from a long-lasting abrasion resistant plate to extend the life of the scrapers. The two sets of mounting holes allow for the scrapers to be adjusted up as the disk wears down. The scraper mounts directly to the CNH shank making installation simple. The built-in trash shield is made from the same plate, preventing trash from dropping down inside the scraper, which is a significant improvement over the CNH tin shield that takes an extra set of hands to install.
Fits most JD, Kinze, AGCO White, and Great Plains planters. Also fits JD 50-series drills; Case SDX (with seed-lock wheels); and Case P-500 drill using special bracket & torsion spring from Exapta. Includes star wheel, snap-ring & bearing (installed), flat steel shroud, dustcap.
25% more force than OEM to reduce straw tucking between boot & blade. Special ultra-durable paint process prevents rust.

T-whl bracket kit, for CIH Precision 500 (NH 2080/2085) drills, w/ torsion spring, 5/8 x7/8" bushing, spacer washer, 5/8" bolts, locknut, star lock-washer. Closing bracket has built-in 7-degree toe-out. Thompson wheel not included.  **This closing system must be used with a Keeton + Mojo Wire, since the Thompson wheel doesn't do any packing.**


Complete firming kit, Case Precision 500 /  NH 2080 drills, includes Ktn (chopped), steel brkt (C.101) & K.608 Mojo. *Should be used with OEM packer wheel


Complete firming kit, Case Precision 500 /  NH 2080 drills, includes Ktn (chopped), steel brkt (C.101) & K.608 Mojo. *Should be used with OEM packer wheel

Complete firming kit, Case Precision 500 /  NH 2080 drills, includes Keeton (full-length), steel bracket (C 101) & K 608 Mojo.
Complete firming kit, Case Precision 500 /  NH 2080 drills, includes Keeton (full-length), steel bracket (C 101) & K 608 Mojo.
Keeton + Mojo + Keeton mounting bracket kit + closing bracket kit + Thompson wheel. LH refers to openers on the LH side of the drill when standing behind the drill. Looking in the direction of travel, the gauge wheel for these openers is on the LH side.

All About Case IH P-500 & SDX Drill Parts

Introduced in 2013, the Case-IH Precision Disc 500 / 500T and New Holland P-2080 / 2085 has many desirable features, including a true gauge wheel running beside the 18″ blade. However, a major downfall for no-till seedbeds is the lack of any in-furrow seed firming device, which would apply a small but consistent pressure directly onto the seed.

Instead, these drills try to squash all the soil from the surface down to the seed with the packer wheel. Sometimes this severely compacts the soil over the seed—not good. Sometimes the furrow cracks back open. And sometimes, if the soil is quite firm, the packer wheel cannot achieve any seed firming at all.

Keetons & Mojos

Keetons + Mojos greatly enhance Case’s Precision -500 drill performance.


The bracket kit holds Thompson wheels at correct position and angle to create 7-degrees of toe-out.

Close the Furrow

OEM packer wheels are pathetic for closing the furrow, and when the springs are set at high pressure, this robs a lot of down-force from the opener blade. Exapta’s closing bracket kit with Thompson wheel is vastly superior for getting the furrow closed, especially in damp clay no-till soils, or sod, or other tough seedbeds. Minimal pressure required on Thompson wheels to get the job done, so more down-force is available for the opener itself.

Forges de Niaux blades

Now available: Forges de Niaux’s superior blades for Case-IH Precision Disc 500 / NH P-2080 / 2085. Same dimensions as OEM, but with the greater durability of the Forges de Niaux! Harder on the periphery, for 20% greater wear life. Stays sharper longer.

Exapta provides a ready solution to this with our steel bracket to allow a special Keeton & Mojo Wire to be used on these drills. Our Keetons for these drills have been customized to fit, and to allow use of our robust K.608 Mojo. We have 2 Keeton models, depending on which closing system you’re running—a full length Keeton for use with our closing system, and a shortened version to use with OEM closing arm (see next paragraph). We also have a specially designed Mojo Wire for the P-500 / NH 2080 to give the Keetons a lot more pressure, while withstanding the extra flexing imposed on the Keetons running on these drills. The Keetons will wear out a lot faster with Mojo Wires, but you probably want all the seeds to come up, no?

Once you overcome these drills’ lack of seed firming by adding a Keeton and Mojo, the next order of business is improving the closing action—which is rather pitiful in long-term no-till with their smooth packer wheel. Exapta’s closing bracket is the ideal upgrade for these drills, by allowing our Thompson T3 closing wheel to be ran at a 7-degree toe-out, along with lighter spring pressure. Toe-out has been the key to successful furrow closing on other planters and drills (John Deere 50/60/90-series drills have always had 7-degrees of toe-out built into the closing arm, and our toe-out wedge has been hugely popular with planter owners running a variety of closing wheels, even the smooth cast). Exapta’s closing system for the P-500 must be used with a Keeton and Mojo Wire, since the Thompson wheel doesn’t do any packing. Also, our closing system is the only one to allow use of the full-length Keetons with the liquid application capability. This is because Exapta’s closing system moves the closing wheel a couple inches rearward. If using the OEM packer wheel, or any wheel bolting directly into the OEM closing arm, it is necessary to run our shortened version of the Keeton (no liquid capability).

Avoid stand failures! Do firming & closing as separate steps, and do them well.

Yes, the foreground is seeded at a 2″ depth. The openers are that low of disturbance, and the Thompson wheel is closing it up that well—nearly invisible seeding!

“We have a customer, 100% no-till, who was ready to return [his Case-IH] P500 until he came across Exapta. The customer later called to say how pleased he was with the Exapta setup. He was able to plant an additional 400 acres of custom work because others weren’t able to get in the field with their implements and close the seed slot [excessively wet]. His drill is working great because of Exapta’s products. We are pleased with the experience and look forward to recommending Exapta products in the future.”
Scott Messick
Elizabethtown, PA, Messick’s Case-IH & New Holland dealership
“It is amazing to me and the other farmers observing, in how well the Thompson wheel closes the furrow while the OEM packer wheel does nothing—and we tried all different spacing and pressures on the OEM to try to get it to work. Your bracket and the Thompson wheel was night-and-day different. I’m totally sold on your setup, including the Keeton and Mojo.”
Talal Hamadah
Clay Center, KS, 30-ft CIH P-500 owner

Case IH P-500 & SDX Drill Parts Videos

“My stands are perfect—much better than before. I’m very pleased — the Thompson wheels are doing a great job.”
Christopher Ringwald
Ellinwood, KS, Exapta customer since 2010 (Exapta complete upgrade, firming & closing on 60' Precision 500)
“Overall, your products did a great job. I’m satisfied that I installed Exapta’s complete row upgrade [Keetons, Mojos, T-whls]. We probably had the best stands I’ve seen in a while.”
Jason Stoffer
Abilene, KS, Exapta customer since 2015, complete Exapta upgrade: Keetons, Mojos, and Thompson wheels on Case Precision-500 drill

Jon Zeller

Current Product Engineer

Jonathan Zeller joined Exapta excited to return to working with no-till planting equipment. He supported research of no-till planting and other ag related projects for 7 years with Kansas State University’s Agricultural Engineering Department after getting his engineering degree. He later worked 3 years for Landoll Company, LLC. where he gained experience in a design engineering role. Jonathan grew up on a small family farm in NE Kansas working with row crops, hay and cattle. Jonathan enjoys solving engineering problems and improving or creating products to be robust and easy to install and service.

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