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Exapta Return/Refund Policy

Our goal is to maintain a high level of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Exapta will accept returns for most items within 90 days of purchase. Returns and warranties should be initiated by contacting Exapta at 785-820-8000 or to receive a return or warranty authorization. Questionable returns must be pre-approved by Exapta Sales Manager. Most items sold follow our general return and warranty policies, but there may be some exceptions or special requirements with specific products.

Returns & Refunds

When you return an item, your refund may differ based on the condition of the item and how long you’ve had the item.

Requirements for a Full Refund

Items must be returned unused (new, clean, resalable condition) within 90 days of purchase. No refunds on shipping/handling, unless we’ve made a mistake in ship-out.


A defect in manufacturing exists.

Partial Refunds & Restocking Fees

Item is returned in new, clean condition, from 91 – 180 days after purchase (20% restock fee).

Exchange Policy

For exchanges, you will need to return the product before Exapta can ship the exchanged product. Once the returned product is received by Exapta, the exchanged product will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

To expedite exchanges: Pay in full for the replacement product for immediate shipping. Once the returned product is received, Exapta will issue a refund (either by check or credit to credit card).

Providing prepaid return shipping labels is at the sole discretion of Exapta and may be offered only to return defective products or incorrectly shipped products. Prepaid return shipping costs are NOT allowed for products that were misordered by the customer or for buyer’s remorse.

Damage Boxes/Missing Products

If shipping boxes are damaged, you should immediately check all boxes for correct product quantity (sometimes we pack all the small pieces in a single box, for instance). Follow the packing list that goes with every shipment. If any items are damaged or missing, please contact us. We strive to pack our shipments super-carefully to minimize any damage, but we are at the mercy of freight handlers after the product leaves our dock.

Warranty Policy

For warranty claims, generally, the product will need to be returned at your shipping expense. Once product is returned, if Exapta determines there is in fact a product defect, you will be refunded for shipping expenses and the defected product will be replaced.

  • Thompson wheel bearings: We offer a 5-year guarantee on our Thompson wheel bearings. The bearing must fail before a warranty is issued. If you are concerned the product will fail during the planting season, we recommend you to purchase bearing replacements for emergencies (use a press to push only on the outer race; DON’T install with a hammer).
  • Valions: Defects in casting or tile installation will be warranted/replaced, as well as breakage in the field, or by dropping them on a concrete floor, or by twisting them by hand during install. Valion breakage during install due hammer strikes won’t be warrantied – and this includes ‘wild’ hammer swings during rivet smashing – the instructions state to use a ‘C’-shaped, screw-type rivet crusher, such as is used on sickles. Installation instructions are included with every Valion order; not following instructions can void any warranty. Exapta will not be liable for collateral damage (broken seed tubes) or lost income from planting problems caused by broken Valions – see the Warranty Limitations in the instruction sheets.
  • Keetons and Mojo Wires: significant damage will result to both Keetons and Mojo Wires if drill or planter is backed up while engaged in the soil, or backed up in tall weeds or grass when drill/planter is raised. No warranty is available for this. If other damage occurs to either product, replacement is at the discretion of Exapta Solutions and at the very best, warranty only offered one time.
  • No warranties to any third party (i.e., you purchased used equipment that had Exapta products installed by the previous owner).
  • Other: All other products will be determined on a case-by-case basis by Exapta.

To expedite warranties and/or eliminate unnecessary shipping expenses, you can email pictures with explanations to However, we reserve the right to require the defective item itself to be returned.

Chris Horton

Chris Horton brings 25 years of management with him. He grew up on his grandparents farm in Reno County Kansas where they mainly grew wheat and cattle feed. He worked on feed lots as a pen rider and cow-calf operations before moving to Southern California where Chris started a new career in the transportation and transport logistics, eventually managing the western region for a large commercial vehicle leasing company. Chris moved home to Kansas, to manage a local Farmers Coop and then eventually the service dept for a tractor dealership. The opportunity to join the Exapta team came up, and he knew he wanted to be a part of this team.

Michael Beasley

Finance Manager

Michael Beasley joined Exapta after serving in various financial roles over the course of his career, from Controller to Chief Operating Officer. He also spent many years in sales walking fields with growers and learning about their greatest challenges. Michael believes in the future of agriculture and the importance of no-till. He is a strong advocate for regenerative farming and soil health.

Jon Zeller

Current Product Engineer

Jonathan Zeller joined Exapta excited to return to working with no-till planting equipment. He supported research of no-till planting and other ag related projects for 7 years with Kansas State University’s Agricultural Engineering Department after getting his engineering degree. He later worked 3 years for Landoll Company, LLC. where he gained experience in a design engineering role. Jonathan grew up on a small family farm in NE Kansas working with row crops, hay and cattle. Jonathan enjoys solving engineering problems and improving or creating products to be robust and easy to install and service.