Case-IH & New Holland Flexi-coil

Case-IH and New Holland Flexi-coil drills can be upgraded and modified with Exapta parts for improved no-till seeding performance as well as greater longevity.

Thompson Closing Wheels for Case-IH / New-Holland drills

The CIH Precision Disc 500 and the New Holland P2080 / P2085 have packer wheels that perform poorly in long-term no-till. Our Thompson closing wheels shatter the sidewall much more effectively and avoid the packing that occurs with smooth OEM wheels. We offer a kit that holds the Thompson wheel on the OEM packer-wheel arm (must be used in conjunction with a Keeton and our Mojo Wire for these drills, since the Thompson wheel provides no packing and no seed-to-soil contact). Our Thompson wheel closing upgrade kit fits the following drills:

  • Case-IH Precision Disc 500
  • Case-IH Precision Disc 500T
  • New Holland P2080
  • New Holland P2085

Thompson wheels cannot be used with press-wheel type drills (where the trailing press/packer wheel gauges the depth of the opener)

Mojo Wire Stiffeners for Keeton Seed Firmers

Our Mojo wires work with Keetons on your drill to firm the seed into the bottom of the furrow. Exapta manufactures the Mojo wires and sells Keeton kits to fit the following Case-IH and New Holland drills:

  • Case-IH Precision Disc 500 (uses Exapta’s special steel bracket)
  • Case-IH Precision Disc 500T (uses Exapta’s special steel bracket)
  • New Holland P2080 (uses Exapta’s special steel bracket)
  • New Holland P2085 (uses Exapta’s special steel bracket)
  • Case-IH 5100
  • Case-IH 5400

DuraLok Seed-Lock Wheels for Case-IH Drills

OEM seed-lock wheels clog with mud. Our DuraLok seed-lock wheel is narrower to fit the furrow better and its sleek shape allows it to stay clean. DuraLok seed-lock wheels fit the following Case-IH drills:

  • Case-IH SDX30
  • Case-IH SDX40

SeedVU for Case- IH, New Holland, and Flexi-coil air drills

Dump excess air pressure from the primaries right where you need it to. Fast install & removal. Do the entire drill in a couple minutes. Allows you to run plenty of fan speed so you never plug a primary again, while eliminating excess seed bounce from too much air. SeedVUs fit the EZ Flow distribution heads used on following Case-IH, New Holland, and Flexi-coil drill models:

  • Case-IH SDX30
  • Case-IH SDX40
  • Case-IH Precision Disc 500
  • New Holland P2080
  • Flexi-coil 5000HD
  • Flexi-coil 5500
  • Flexi-coil 5000
  • Flexi-coil 8100
  • Flexi-coil SD550
  • Flexi-coil P2060

Smallaire Heat Exchanger for Case-IH, New Holland, Flexi-coil, Concord drills

Keep your tractor’s hydraulic oil cooler so you can keep running in the heat, as well as making the oil and system components last longer. Instead of merely venting the heat, our Smallaire unit puts it to good use in warming and drying the air going thru the air system, which helps prevent gunk accumulation in high-humidity or with sticky seed treatments and fertilizer dust. Smallaire’s Heat Exchanger uses a shroud and a larger radiator than competitors’ to get maximum heat transfer. Our Smallaire heat exchanger fits the following air carts:

  • Case-IH 2230
  • Case-IH 2300
  • Case-IH 2330
  • Case-IH 2355
  • Case-IH 3380
  • Case-IH 3430
  • Case-IH 3555
  • Case-IH 4465
  • Case-IH 4585
  • Case-IH 4765
  • Case-IH 4955 and more!
  • New Holland P1070
  • New Holland P2050
  • New Holland P2350
  • New Holland P3440
  • New Holland P4460
  • New Holland P3550
  • New Holland P4580
  • New Holland P4760
  • New Holland P4950
  • New Holland SC430 and more!
  • Flexi-coil 1720
  • Flexi-coil 1740
  • Flexi-coil 2320
  • Flexi-coil 2340
  • Flexi-coil 3450
  • Flexi-coil 3850
  • Flexi-coil 4350 and more!