Intelligent Ag Flow Monitors

1. As the seed leaves the manifold, it passes through the acoustic sensor.

2. The seed impacts a stainless steel membrane, creating a small pulse of sound that travels out through an auditory tube. These pulses are collected by the electronic control unit (ECU), which relays information wirelessly to the cab.

3. Information arrives via WiFi and gets displayed on an Apple iPad.
Red = blocked secondary.
Orange = primary has flow above or below parameters you set.

Be proactive — catch drill problems while they’re happening! If you’ve ever been sickened to find out your drill wasn’t seeding or fertilizing for part of each swath across a field, or the entire season, you know firsthand why monitoring product flow is so important.

On air drills, the OEM pin-style or optic sensors only tell you if something is flowing past, not whether it’s full flow or not. Using acoustics, Intelligent Ag’s sensor system tells you the rate each primary is getting (as a % of full-flow), so you know right away if either fertilizer or seed stop flowing, or are flowing intermittently, or at a partial rate. No more skips!

The sensors are quite durable, many of which are still going after 180,000 acres.

(iPad not included)
Any number of rows up to 156 is possible, and 20 primaries. Not compatible with Box drills.

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“It saved me this year when I had a fertilizer blockage issue. My old system wouldn’t have told me there was a problem because I was still putting on seed.”
Micah Tice, Beloit, KS
Exapta customer since 2016, (Intelligent Ag blockage system on 42' JD 1890)
“Got a full day of planting in yesterday. To say I am happy with the blockage monitoring system is an understatement! Great product. Thanks to Exapta for offering it.”
Cody Fischer, Hooker, OK
Exapta customer since 2014, (Intelligent Ag blockage system on 40' JD 1890)