Keeton Seed Firmers for Planters

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Quick Attach, Standard Tail Only

This Quick Attach kit fits JD 7000 thru ME5 (except BrushBelt ExactEmerge) & Kinze 2000s. Quick Attach brackets are much sturdier and easier to install than the Universals. Single liquid tube goes all the way through tail. This kit is comprised of KTN150109 bracket along with KTN140045 standard-height tail.

Use different Quick Attach brkts for White 9000s, Kinze 3000s & 4900s.


Keeton Quick Attach bracket and standard tail with single liquid tube. Installs inside of row unit frame using disk scraper mounting holes. Fits Kinze 3000, 4000 series planters with SpeedTube, WaveVision, Bullseye, and "Small" or "Large" seed tubes. Will NOT work with spring loaded disk scrapers.


Keeton Quick Attach bracket and standard tail with single liquid tube for White 9000s (doesn't fit White 6000s & 8000s—use Universals instead for those planters).

The Universal Bracket fits Deere 7000s thru XP (& Max-Emerge 5 [without BrushBelt] if brkt legs cut & hole drilled in shank, or if converted to XP guards), Kinze 2000s, White 6000s – 9000s, & some Kinze 3000s (non-EdgeVac, prior to 2013). (Kinze EdgeVac & all 2013 & newer models [including 4900] need Scraper-Mount bracket instead.) (ME5 with BrushBelt needs Quick Attach Keeton.
Replacement tail only, for Universal bracket, or Scraper-Mount bracket. Two liquid application tubes. ‘Dry’ tails also available (same price).

All About Keeton Seed Firmers for Planters

Keetons are still the most proven and widely accepted in-furrow seed-firming device for planters (Rebounders do not do any seed firming). When combined with our Mojo Wire, the Keetons supply nearly as much pressure as a ‘seed-lock’ wheel, and they are excellent for getting consistent stands every time.

The redesigned ‘Quick Attach’ Keeton for 2017 displaces the Universal Keeton as the top choice for most planter models. Like the Universal, the ‘Quick Attach’ also ‘wraps-around’ the seed tube & has replaceable tails. However, the Quick Attach (QA) has a much sturdier bracket that’s easier to install. And tails are super-easy to replace.

Other models that use QA replaceable tails are the White 8000 & 9000 and QA Scraper mount for Kinze EdgeVac or any Kinze 3000s built in 2013 & after (oversize seed tubes), as well as Kinze 4000s. The QA Scraper-Mount does also fit some earlier Kinzes as well as Deeres, but we recommend using the wrap-around Quick Attach or the wrap-around Universal Keetons whenever possible because they hold the tails about 1.5″ farther forward (closer to the seed tube), which is an advantage for controlling seed bounce, as well as keeping the firmer’s tail ahead of dust and chunks of sidewall that may be collapsing into the furrow.

The original Seed-Tube-Mounted Keetons are also available. This model is required for all Monosems, Great Plains Yield Pro, and White 5000s. While these do fit other planters, we recommend using Quick Attach or Universals whenever possible to eliminate the stress on the seed tube. Universal bracket will fit White 6000 as well as many other models.

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