Reduce overlap. Decrease input costs.

In today’s competitive and uncertain market, maximizing margins is vital to improving your profit potential. With so many factors affecting your yields, you can’t always control what you get out of every acre. But you can control what you put in. Have you ever...

Plant with Assurance

Many have fall crops to harvest yet and some are still fighting the mud to wrap up fall seeding. We are facing one of the wettest fall seasons in recent history. We, at Exapta, feel your pain—we have our own crops to get in and out of the fields. Precipitation not...

Frame bolt breakage on JD air drills

If you have a JD drill where the rear transport wheel frame is held together as shown in the photo, you probably are constantly replacing broken bolts. We’ve found that using a pair of shorter bolts instead of a single long bolt in those spots pretty much eliminates...
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