Reduce overlap. Decrease input costs.

In today’s competitive and uncertain market, maximizing margins is vital to improving your profit potential. With so many factors affecting your yields, you can’t always control what you get out of every acre. But you can control what you put in.

Have you ever calculated how much overlap seeding is costing you? Wasted seed and fertilizer tallies up quickly – costing you thousands of dollars. Eliminate over-seeding and keep those dollars in your pocket. Intelligent Ag’s Engage® Zone Control customers’ reported an average of 7% savings on seed and fertilizer costs, so it can pay for itself in the first season.

Intelligent Ag’s Engage® Zone Control is designed and built to add input-reducing section control to your John Deere 1910 air cart. This system communicates with the existing GPS mapping system to ensure that every seed is in its place. With its ability to open and close up to eight sections per bin, the Engage Zone Control system prevents over-seeding to help maximize your profit margins. Like all our products, it’s built to last. Engage Zone Control is truly a simple economical solution to enhance your equipment’s efficiency.

Exapta Solutions partners with Intelligent Ag because we strive to offer you peace of mind. Call today to learn more about the Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor and Engage® Zone Control, so that you can make your dollar go further with a sound investment in your existing equipment. Your time spent will be well worth it.