by Matt Hagny (with Jock Baker)

Exapta has always focused on the soil-engaging components of planter & grain drill openers in no-till seedbeds. That has been the weakest link. Now that we’re getting a handle on some of those shortcomings, we can free up a little grey matter in our noggins to deal with uniformity of delivery of seed & fertilizer in air streams—i.e., the +/- variation from one row to the next of product when the distribution or dividing of the product flow is by splitting air streams.  This is much trickier than you might guess. And the trouble is, you cannot see a 20% difference in row-to-row variability of seed delivery—you have to measure, or count.

Australians are masters of this, perhaps because they use air drills for the majority of their crops. Or maybe because… Read more >>