Dealing with Ruts in No-till

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years urging no-tillers to avoid compaction and ruts with their equipment by using larger, low-pressure radials (see article) or

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gauge wheel planter
Matt Hagny

Gauge Wheels In No-till

A nuanced topic. First, let’s look at gauge wheels on planters, then drills. (Your drill isn’t a true gauge-wheel design? Maybe it’s time to upgrade).

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Peer SeedXtreme bearings

One of our competitors touts their use of SeedXtreme bearings. Are they in fact better? The SeedXtreme bearing uses 6 seals per side (12 total), versus

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No-till Drill Rebuild Services

JD 50/60/90/Pro-series drill rebuilds and upgrades Don’t have the time or inclination to crawl around on your drill doing the necessary maintenance? Wanting UniForce, but

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