New T44 Wheel

  • Zinc plate finish
  • Bolt-on star wheel = cost-effective replacement stars
  • Same, proven spoke design, durable and trouble-free
  • Aggressive furrow closing with self-limiting depth
  • Creates ideal zone for crop emergence & rooting in a wide array of conditions
  • Heavy-duty bearing with 5-year warranty (on bearing-type wheels)
  • Low mud and stalk accumulation

Faster Emergence, More Vigor

  • Doesn’t overpack
  • Aggressive furrow closing with self-limiting depth
  • Creates ideal zone for crop emergence & rooting in a wide array of conditions
  • Durable and trouble-free
  • Heavy-duty bearing with 5-year warranty (on bearing-type wheels)
  • Low mud and stalk accumulation
  • Ready to bolt on

Closing Wheels for Drills

Thompson closing wheels are an excellent upgrade for John Deere 50, 60, and 90-series drills, and bolt easily onto the original closing arms. The OEM cast closing wheels on the Deere drills have a ridiculous tendency to hop because of their weight and smoothness, and the angle of the arm’s pivoting, and really hammer the soil when they land after being airborne. Even when running smoothly with low spring pressure, heavy cast closing wheels tend to seriously over-pack the soil, reducing emergence and early growth. Thompson wheels completely avoid the problem, since they weigh far less than JD and certain aftermarket wheels, and actively pull themselves into the soil.

Sizing Things Up

The bearing from a competitor’s wheel setting inside the Thompson wheel’s housing for its huge bearing. Our bearing features a triple-lip seal, as well as our unique patented shroud to protect the bearing face from fertilizer and water. We’re so confident in our bearing arrangement, we guarantee it for 5 years.


High-Carbon Steel

The Thompson wheel’s high-carbon spokes resist wear and bending for an exceptionally long life.The thinness of the wheel allows it to easily enter the soil, for excellent breakage of the sidewall. New ‘z’ series is even tougher, higher-carbon steel than our ‘X’ series — so tough, it’s actually used for armor plating by the military.


Spoke Design

The blunt tip & tapering sides of the spokes further assist in crumbling the sidewall. The tapering sides gradually increase the resistance the spoke encounters while operating in the soil. This limits the depth, as does the overall length of the spoke itself (considerably shorter than some other designs on the market). So you get just the right amount of sidewall shattering, without digging too deep. The thinness is also what prevents mud accumulation on the spokes. It simply has nowhere to gather.


An honest assessment from numerous observations by 3rd-party scientists and farmers.

* Closing wheels that don’t pack the soil above the seed (a good thing) shouldn’t be used without a separate in-furrow firming device (seed-lock wheel, or the Fin).

“I want to say ‘thanks’ for your Thompson wheel—I changed the whole drill over to these this spring [2014] and ‘wow’…I can testify to the Thompson, as I ran [a comparison of] the Deere stock closing wheel, [OEM with spokes cut into it], [a competitor spoked steel whl built from thicker & heavier plate than the T-whl], and Thompsons in no-till and also on some worked [tilled], and the Thompsons shined in both conditions. Guys think that the [thicker competitor] wheel is best because it is heavier and packs more, but that’s not [the closing wheel’s] purpose—I had the worst emergence out of that wheel actually.”
Tanner Vix

Velva, ND, Exapta customer since 2013 (T-wheels on 60' JD 1890 drill)

“The Thompson wheels are definitely better than the John Deere closing wheels, especially in damp situations. [Gabe plants in some jungles of cover-crop cocktails, and yet:] Very few problems with the Thompsons in viney cover crops, such as hairy vetch. Some wrapping of dried wild buckwheat but not enough to slow me down. It is so minimal it is not worth mentioning.”
Gabe Brown

Bismark, ND, Exapta customer since '09 (Thompson wheels on 20-ft JD1590)

“The smooth JD cast wheels won’t close the furrow when it gets hard and dry. But the Thompson wheels will penetrate and close the furrow. Crumbling versus smashing the furrow shut makes a big difference, especially if soils are wet.”

Alan Mindemann

Apache, OK , Exapta customer since ’01 (Thompson wheels on JD 1890 air drill)

“I’m no-tilling with a JD 1890 in clay-loam soil. I tend to drive a little fast, 6 – 9 mph. The OEM closing wheels were in the air probably 50% of the time. The [competitor spoked wheels] are also heavy and tend also to bounce. I’ve got along best with the Thompsons. I ran all three side-by-side last year [2012], and now have all Thompson wheels on my drill.”

Larry Brunner

Kingsville, MO, Exapta customer since 2012 (Thompson wheels on JD 1890 drill)

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