Check Your Mojos

When used in benign conditions, our Mojo Wires have a long life expectancy. However, when flexed to the max, they may start to take on this greater curvature (of max-flexed position) and lose their tension when back in normal operating position. When this happens, they’re not putting down nearly as much pressure on the Keeton as they should.

Flexing to the max happens in the field when crossing irrigation tracks, or rills/gullies with sharp edges, or even if the unit abruptly falls down in a large badger hole and the Keeton gets caught by the lip of the hole.
You can check the tension of the Keeton + Mojo combination by using a fish scale, and holding the Keeton at operating position (if in the shop, set the openers on the concrete, and then just barely lift the tail off of the concrete with the tension from the scale). Depending on the Keeton model and its age/condition, you’ll get about 1.5 – 2 lbs just from the Keeton by itself. With a Mojo, you should get at least 4 lbs, and preferably 6 – 8 lbs. Check all the rows, since they’ll likely be different.

You may wish to compare your old Mojos against a new one (if using Universal brackets, inspect those, too, since they get warped).

Have you upgraded from finicky Universals to the much more robust, trouble-free design of Quick Attach Keetons yet?

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