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Matt Hagny

(Seeding) Mistakes Were Made

In general, none of us (as adults) particularly enjoy discovering that we’ve made a mistake.1 But sometimes we’re quite grateful after the initial ‘Oh, duh’ moment has passed.

Row Spacing Review

Narrow rows versus wider? Twin rows? Skip-row? Lock up half the drill openers? With some of you contemplating purchases or trades of planters or drills,… Read More »Row Spacing Review

Good Results at Harvest Start at Seeding

With many producers across the U.S. and Canada making final preparations for seeding winter wheat, we at Exapta would like to provide a few tips to keep in mind as the drills begin to roll—remember, a successful ’09 wheat crop begins with seeding. Properly sown is half-grown! Items frequently neglected on gauge-wheel drills (e.g., JD 50, 60 & 90-series)

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