• Planter Parts and Equipment

    Planter Parts and Equipment (98)

    Exapta Solutions is the leading source of no-till planter parts, attachments, equipment and add-ons in the US, Canada, and Australia (we sell into other countries, too). Our upgrades and replacement  parts are designed for optimum no-till seeding giving you better emergence, greater crop yields and higher profits for years to come. We provide many options for no-till planter parts, including: JD Planter parts (aftermarket John Deere planter parts), no till planter attachments for Kinze, Great Plains planters, and more. Explore our no-till products by clicking on the buttons below.
  • No-till Drill Parts & Equipment

    No-till Drill Parts & Equipment (98)

    Exapta Solutions is committed to helping no-till growers achieve higher yields for years to come. We deliver on this promise by providing only the best no-till drill parts and equipment. The quality of your equipment – be it opener blades, closing wheels or seed firming devices, or downforce system — make a big difference in your crop yields and in your farm’s overall efficiency and profitability. These products have been carefully designed or chosen to operate effectively and efficiently, in a variety of farming conditions across the US, Canada, and globally (after all, what a seed needs to grow is the same everywhere). We provide a variety of quality aftermarket parts and equipment, including Case-IH and John Deere no-till drill parts. Click on a product below for more details.
  • Everything You Need to Know About No-till Farming

    Everything You Need to Know About No-till Farming (4)

    At Exapta Solutions, we don’t just sell no-till equipment and no-till drill parts, we educate farmers across the US, Canada, and worldwide on how to become more successful at farming. Modern, no-till cropping is still a fairly new method to many farmers, which is why we strive not to sell you some device, but to provide solid information to help you get the most from your seeding equipment and your no-till efforts.
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