Valion Seed Tube Guard Testimonials

See what Exapta customers have to say about Valion Seed Tube Guards.

“I run the Valions, heat-resistant tubing, and stainless steel protector—putting fertilizer thru them. I used to run [competitor product: OEM guards w/ tubing welded on]. I didn’t have any problems with plugging and they wear so much slower than [competitor guards], so I don’t have to replace the entire system every season.”

Nathan Kuntz

Covington, OH, Exapta customer since ’09 (Valions on 16-row JD XP planter)

“I ran 4 [competitor guard with tubing welded on] units and 8 Valion units. I will not ever use the [competitor product: OEM guards w/ tubing welded on] again. The Valions go on much easier, are sturdier and I like the way they were set up to put on liquid fertilizer. I have recommended them to others.  I haven’t checked to see how they’ve worn, but I know the JD and [competitor guard with tubing welded on] wear really fast and no longer function to hold the opening disks in alignment and I’ve only had them roughly 400ac, as I’m not a big farmer.”

Kennley Wright

Colman, SD, Exapta customer since 2013 (12 row JD 7000 planter)

“The Valions and stainless tube holders worked really well—I’m very pleased. I used the system on close to 4,000 acres and had no problems. It’s a better system than anything else I have tried in the past.”

Brad Buck

Eads, CO, Exapta customer since 2012, Valions & L.133 liquid tube holders on JD 1770 planter

“Your Valions are AMAZING. I can’t understand why anyone would want to continue running the JD guards — regardless of what tillage system they’re using.”

Craig Stehly

Mitchell, SD, Exapta customer since '05 (Valions, Mojos, T-whls on 48-row DB88 and 32-row DB58 planters)

“We run a JD 1760 for corn and a JD 1780 for beans. No-till 80% of our acres. The 4 biggest things we found is you need adequate down-pressure, sharp blades, run Valions or RK seed-tube protectors (OEM seed-tube protectors wear out really fast in no-till, causing inconsistent seed depth), and a good closing system. We run Keetons with Mojo Wires and Exapta Thompson closing wheels with wedges set at 3 degrees. Another big help is running pop-up through Valions and banding some 28% over the back next to the row [behind closing wheels, off to the side].”

Shawn Waterman

Coleman, MI, Exapta customer since 2014

 “I like running the starter fertilizer through your Valions much better than the system we were using before.”

Clayton Kneifl

Ray & Clayton Kneifl, New Castle, NE, Exapta customer since 2012 (Valions on 24-row Deere 1700-series planter)

“I hate changing those seed tube guards on a 7000 planter—rivets, etc. I only farm 600 acres but can destroy a Deere factory guard in 1 year on a 12-row—[it gets] as narrow as the seed tube. I put Valions on before last year—can’t even tell they were in the ground. I expect they will last the life of the opening disc. Those things are awesome!”

Paul Butler

Macon, IL, Exapta customer since 2013 (chrome Valions on JD 7000)

“The JD seed-tube guards are terrible—mine lasted about 300 acres before they were completely wore out the first year. I replaced them this year [2013] with the Valions—these are great and show almost no wear with around 550 acres on them. I also replaced my wore-out low-profile Keetons with the older style dry tails that are thicker [full height] and have the tear-drop shape on the end. Added the Mojo Wires from Exapta to them and am very happy. Very little wear and every seed is locked in the bottom of the vee just like they [Exapta] claim they would be. Emergence was very even—I’m very happy. I was warned [by a Precision Planting rep] that I might have buildup issues with this style Keetons and in-furrow pop-up, but no issues at all on that front…. I switched this year to running it out the bottom of the Valion—this has been much better with no plugging or kinked lines to speak of. No build-up issues on the new Keetons even with the fertilizer ahead of them.”

Matt Swanson

La Harpe, IL, Exapta customer since 2013 (chrome Valions & Mojo Wires on 16-row JD 7200)

“I am very pleased with the Valion performance. I get consistent seed depth and therefore uniform emergence. I am very happy with them! We are 100% no-till and double crop or cover crop everything.”

Don Risser

Bainbridge, PA, Exapta customer since 2013 (Valions on 6-row JD 1750 planter)

“I’ve never seen as good of seed placement on my farm as I have this season [2013]. I had installed the Valion guards, seed-lock firming wheels, and Thompson wheels with the wedge/spring assemblies. Plus, new thicker opener disks, your [seed-lock] firming wheels, and, yes, I had the planter level. And our double-crop beans germinated well & evenly thanks to the equipment from your shop.  I’m thankful for your ‘No-till store.’ ”

Louis Ehlers

Newton, KS, Exapta customer since '99 (Valions, Exapta seed-lock wheels, T-whls & wedges on 16-row JD 1700-series)

“I really like the Valions way, way, way better than the [competitor guard with tubing welded on] I was running (wore them out at 100 ac/row). . . . Keep it up with the good products.”

John Lammers

Hartington, NE , Exapta customer since 2016 (Valions on 16-row & 24-row 1770 NT)

“The Valions worked out great. Hardly any wear on my 12/24 row planter with about 2100 acres on them— I would highly recommend them. The seed trench was shaped nicer, and no fertilizer tubes plugged. I was even more impressed with the Thompson wheels than anything! I liked how the Keetons and Thompson wheels left he seed locked in the furrow with nice loose soil over the top. They work really well in my soil conditions. They did exactly as you guys all said they would do.”

Dan Gentrup

Waterbury, NE, Exapta customer since 2014 (chrome Valions & T-wheels on 24-row JD 1790 planter)

“Valions are giving me significantly more than double the wear life of OEM.”

Tom Cannon

Blackwell, OK, Exapta customer since '03 (Valions & Mojo Wires on 16-row JD 1770 CCS)

“We used to fight our [competitor guards with tubes welded on]. We switched to Exapta Valions and have solved a lot of problems we used to fight. Plus, the Valions don’t wear as fast as the [competitor guards]. No more [competitor guards] on our farm. Planting has been much more enjoyable since we switched to the Valions. Love your product!!”

Eric Decker

Hitchcock, SD, Exapta customer since 2015