Ninja Seed Bounce Flap

  • For 50 & 90-series drill boots
  • Unique forward bend
  • Puts more seeds in the bottom of the furrow
  • Excellent durability
  • Doesn’t break off
  • Fits Standard and Extended Wear boots
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Exapta’s Ninja flexible seed bounce flap keeps more seeds in the furrow, and is less prone to breakage in the field (less brittle) as compared to OEM or other aftermarket flaps. On the back of the seed boot on the John Deere no-till drills, there’s a strip of plastic to help keep the seeds from bouncing out of the furrow, or being carried along by the opener blade while it exits the furrow. On air drills, the problem is even worse due to the high speed with which the seed travels, and the air stream needing to vent—so seeds bouncing or blowing out of the furrow is more extreme. Thus, these little strips of plastic are more important than farmers may realize.


Keep Seeds In The Furrow

Exapta’s unique forward bend puts more seeds in the bottom of the furrow.


CloseThe Gap

Our Ninja flap keeps more seeds in the furrow, due to this forward bend eliminating much of this gap.  The flexible Ninja flap also resists riding up on the sidewalls, unlike OEM and other aftermarket flaps.  With the Ninja flap staying down in the furrow better, the gap stays closed.

ninja seed bounce flap


Ninja: down, forward, no gap

Our Ninja flap has a 20-degree forward bend to help close the gap, thus keeping more seeds in the furrow.

The flap on the seed boot is what keeps seeds from bouncing out of the furrow, and this is even more critical on air drills, since the air stream is also trying to escape and may carry seeds along with it. However, JD & aftermarket flap suppliers use a straight flap, made from materials that are too brittle—often snapping off in the field. The issue with straight flaps is that it leaves a triangular gap for seeds to escape, and this gap gets larger when the straight flaps bend upward during use, due to riding on the sidewall.

Our Ninja flap has a 20-degree forward bend to help close this gap, thus keeping more seeds in the furrow. The forward bend helps deflect seeds downward into the furrow bottom before dust and chunks of sidewall fall in ahead of the seed. The flexible material and tapered end prevent the Ninja flap from riding on the sidewall. The result is better seed placement. Ninjas also shed mud better than OEM and competitors, and proven to have superior wear characteristics.

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“The Ninja seed tabs have made a huge difference to our seed placement and accuracy—before, we had a lot of seed near and on top of the soil. Also finding we don’t need to run the discs as deep to achieve optimum seed depth and placement.”

Ben Wilson

Tocumwal, NSW, Australia, Exapta customer since 2015 (Ninjas on JD 1895 drill)

“We’ve now got 10,000 acres on our Ninja flaps, and they look fine yet—very little wear. They’ll easily go another season, unlike the [competitor aftermarket] tabs that needed replacing every season [5,000 acres].”

Darin Brunk & Joe Swanson

Windom, KS, Exapta customers since ’99 (Ninjas on 40-ft JD 1890)

“The Ninjas hardly wore at all. They fit down in the furrow so much better than other flaps on the market. I really appreciate what you guys are doing for the farmer.”

Ed Meng

Oregon, MO, Exapta customer since ’08 (Ninjas on JD 750)

“The Ninja seed flaps are great. I put half Ninjas and half [competitor’s] on to start the 2015 season.  Probably did about 3,500+ acres this year with 30′ drill.  The [competitor’s] get pretty worn after a couple hundred acres, but I left them on all year for the PITA factor. Yours [Ninjas] are not near replacement yet.”

Jordan Reimnitz

Armour, SD, Customer since 2009 (JD 1860 drill w/ 90 series boots)

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