For Faster, More Uniform Germination

  • Applies up to 5 times more pressure onto Keeton
  • Perfect for no-till soils
  • Quick fix for feeble Keeton firmers

Mojo wires for Drills


Pressure Where It’s Needed

Mojos give drill Keetons enough oomph to push seeds firmly into the bottom of the furrow, exactly where pressure is needed most—to ensure all the seeds get going at the same time, and establish themselves before the seed zone dries out. Seed-to-soil contact is too crucial to leave to chance (rain), or the haphazard effects of packer wheels (pushing on the soil surface, in hopes of something happening at the seed’s depth).

Why the Mojo Wire?

We’ve adapted our highly successful Mojo Wire to fit all current Keeton models for grain drills (i.e., any that are 2-piece, with a replaceable tail snapping into an upper plastic holder/receiver—i.e., the only style sold in recent years). By applying 2x to 5x more pressure onto the Keeton with the Mojo, the Keeton will wear out faster—but at least it’s doing some good at that point! It’s important to do consistent seed firming at the seed’s location—and sometimes this is the difference between achieving a decent stand, or not.

The Mojo Wires are compatible with the liquid feature of these drill Keetons,* although the liquid tubing is routed behind the upper receiver, instead of inside.

Keetons & Mojos will fit most Sunflower, Crustbuster, Great Plains, Marliss and certain other double-disc drills. The new Case-IH Precision 500 / New Holland P2080-series gauge-wheel drills (which lack an OEM firming device) can use a special drill Keeton + Mojo by installing Exapta’s steel bracket for this. (* Note: Keeton’s liquid capability is retained if using Exapta’s closing upgrade; otherwise tail is shortened.)

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