Aricks Heavy-duty Cover Plates & ‘T’ Handles

  • Solid straight lugs won’t wear/break like OEM pins
  • 2x thickness of OEM
  • ‘T’ handle won’t stick/jam
Straight-across depth selection for easy adjusting
  • Same depth increments as OEM

Cover Plates & 'T' Handles

A durable, logical replacement for the light-duty, inferior criss-cross depth adjuster that rattles and wears out. The robust new cover plate and ‘T’ handle from Aricks improves reliability and reduces maintenance costs. A much-needed redesign of the traditional diagonal slotting for a simpler, heavy-duty system that will withstand tough conditions better than the OEM. Compatible with 60, 90 and Pro-series JD drills.


Won’t Jam

These T-handles don’t jam into the cover plate like OEM ones do after they wear down on the pins.


Built to last

Aricks vs John Deere’s; same machine, same amount of use.


2x thickness OEM

Solid straight lugs won’t wear/break like OEM pins, plus straight-across depth selection for easy adjusting.

“I recently checked our Aricks Cover Plates and T-handles installed on a JD drill 30,000 acres and I honestly don’t  foresee these ever needing replaced. They show no signs of wear.”


Colin Wemyss

NSW, Australia

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