UniForce hydraulic down-pressure system Testimonials

See what Exapta customers have to say about the UniForce.

“The residue was so bad (thick) this year, that if we hadn’t installed Exapta’s upgrades, we wouldn’t have been able to use the air seeder.”

Bruce Favinger

Minden, NE, (UniForce, Niaux blades, Leaf Springs, Ninjas, DuraLoks, T-whls, & Aricks bushing kits on 40ft 1990 CCS)

“The openers run a lot smoother and they don’t bounce around like they used to [before installing UniForce]. Seed placement is definitely better, therefore obviously emergence is better. We have faced a couple drier years than normal, but I’ve been quite surprised with some of the yields!”


Glen Sebok

Taber, Alberta, Exapta customer since 2012 (UniForce on two 43-ft JD 1895s)

“We purchased UniForce because we wanted to improve uniform seed depth to achieve uniform emergence [spring wheat & field peas]. We were successful achieving this because of UniForce. Before, when using an 1850 JD drill and seeding thru wheel tracks, seeds weren’t getting in the ground. We didn’t have that problem after installing UniForce.”


Alan & Richard Gramlow

Fullerton, ND, Exapta customer since 2018 (UniForce on 20-ft JD 1590 on 7.5” spacing)

“UniForce really made an improvement on my drill. We now are able to keep the openers in the ground consistently. That was the biggest downfall with the JD drill, but with UniForce we solve that issue. In fact, in the same field we were using both the planter and the drill to plant beans, and the beans planted by the drill were two inches taller than the beans planted by the planter. I can see there being a huge market for UniForce on drills, because planters are so expensive anymore — but with UniForce, you can do just as good of a job using your drill and it’s a lot less expensive.”


Ron Small

Monroe City, IN, Exapta customer since 2007 (1990 CCS JD drill, 35-ft, 15” spacing)

“UniForce worked really well. Usually we’d have seed on top of the ground, but this year the seed was where it was supposed to be – in the bottom of the trench, and at a consistent depth. We use our drill for soybeans, and in our uneven terrain, we saw a huge improvement with getting consistent seed depth.”


Byron & Eric Chvatal

Prague, NE, Exapta customer since 2017 (43-ft JD 1990 single-rank CCS)

“We are very pleased with the UniForce system. We noticed our openers run a lot smoother through the ground, and no longer bounce as much. The seed placement is excellent, and emergence has never been better than the last two years. It’s especially impressive with small-seeded crops. All plants emerge at the same time, and we see that right through to harvest with very even maturity. We have just experienced two drought years in a row. This past year [2018] was the worst in 18 years. With the Exapta system (UniForce, Thompson wheels, DuraLoks, Ninjas, Ingersolls) on our drills, we seem to be seeing some yield advantage at harvest time.”

Chet Dykshoorn

Foremost, Alberta, Exapta customer since 2012 (UniForce, etc on two 42’ JD 1895s)

“Prior to UniForce, our 1990 CCS JD drill would not consistently place soybeans in the terrace pans [channels]. I wouldn’t let anyone else run the drill, but now with UniForce I’ll let others operate because I’m not worried about maintaining depth when going over terraces and through channels. With UniForce, not only will it uniformly place seeds in the pans but we also are able to plant over 0.5 mph faster and still have 5,000 -10,000 more seeds in the ground instead of bouncing out on top. And that’s a conservative estimate. The big bonus—simplicity!! There’s no need for sensors and electrical nightmares. Set your pressure and plant.”


Brian Miles

Marshall, MO, Exapta customer since 2018 (UniForce on 43-ft JD single-rank 1990 CCS)

“I bought UniForce because it wasn’t getting seed consistently placed in the bottom of the furrow in my uneven ground. I’m convinced UniForce fixed that.”


Greg Owens (GO Farms)

Wayne, NE, Exapta customer since 2015 (UniForce on 40-ft JD 1990 CCS single-rank, 15”)

“UniForce worked beautiful! It eliminates all the bounce and keeps the openers in the ground. I am very glad I installed UniForce.”

Karl Davis

Winfield, IA, Exapta customer since 2017 (JD 1990 CCS 40-ft 15” spacing)

“I really like it.  In marginally dry conditions, it’s a big advantage. The row units hold depth better—it’s impressive to look back there and see the row units not bouncing [like they would with OEM springs].”  (And Scott isn’t one to fall in love with something just because he owns it.)

Scott Arthaud

Keyes, OK, Exapta customer since ’07 (UniForce, T-whls on 60-ft JD 1890)

“We only installed the back rank to improve our soybean stands, but when I run the drill for wheat seeding, I look back and can visually see the openers on the back rank running so smooth versus the front rank openers are bouncing constantly. I know we are getting better seed placement just by that visual!”

Jerry Mettler (Mettler Fertilizer)

Menno, SD, Exapta customer since 2015 (UniForce on back rank only of 42-ft JD 1890)

“UniForce is performing how it’s supposed to. The main thing I’ve noticed is there’s a substantial difference when I look back at the drill and see the units running smoothly — there is no bouncing versus when the opener springs were on. We farm across a lot of terraces and uneven ground. With UniForce installed, I know I’m achieving consistent downpressure across the entire drill and getting even seed depth across the terrain.”

Jason Stansbury

Lorraine, KS, Exapta customer since 2012 (60-ft JD 1890 air drill)

“We installed UniForce before wheat seeding and saw a significant difference with much better stands in the problem areas like terrace channels. I’m very pleased with the improvements UniForce made to the drill.”

Mike Jordan

Beloit, KS, Exapta customer since 2007 (JD 1890, 40-ft, 10” spacing)

“The system does what it should.  We have more flexibility going over terraces now, and not leaving little skips.  The openers stay in the ground better.”

Jerry Burger

Palmer, KS, Exapta customer since 2007 (UniForce on 30-ft JD 1890 CCS)

“We installed the UniForce system on our 1890 last summer. The seed placement on winter wheat last fall in soybean stubble reminded me of planter-quality work. We seeded soybeans in corn stalks this spring, and except for areas where corn residue had accumulated in windrows, the seed placement was better than previous drilled beans (with the same drill) according to our agronomist, Matt Deyle. In fact, he said it reminded him of a planter…. I am of the opinion that the UniForce should be standard equipment on the Deere drills.”

Kent Stones

Lebanon, KS, Exapta customer since ’99 (UniForce & T-whls on 42-ft JD 1890 on 7.5” spacing)

“I have been pleased with UniForce. I appears to roll ground better and has more travel. I’m confident it’s doing a better job than the OEM springs.”

Josh Lloyd

Clay Center, KS, Exapta customer since 2010 (UniForce on JD 1890 40ft on 7.5", TBT 350bu)

“Before UniForce, I usually had to replant terraces and channels every year due to skips and gaps, but this year I didn’t have to replant because UniForce keeps the openers in the ground. It eliminated skips and hairpinning. We faced really tough, hard conditions this year. I was worried we wouldn’t be getting seed in the ground, but I was consistently seeding the beans in at 1.75″ deep to get to moisture. UniForce made a huge difference in eliminating our hairpinning problems. We could not be more satisfied with the job it does. It does everything Exapta claimed it would!”

Justin Samson

MO, Exapta customer since 2018 (UniForce on 43-ft JD single-rank 1990 CCS)

“The drills definitely pull easier after installing UniForce. My Challenger keeps track of fuel usage and all that. UniForce also lets the drills follow the terraces much better—before, there were places we couldn’t get 1/3 of the discs in the ground. Also, the drill is quieter—the openers aren’t banging around like they used to. Everything’s not bouncing like it was before.”

Dean Panter

Smith Center, KS, Exapta customer since 2016 (UniForce on a pair of 15-ft JD 1590s on 7.5" spacing)

“With our terraces and uneven ground, we wanted to keep constant pressure on all the openers, and have more stroke. We didn’t like having to apply so much extra pressure to make the springs sorta work when the opener went through a small depression.  On our old drill, we broke the frame a couple times, and the rockshafts a couple times. We hope to avoid that stress on our newer drills with UniForce’s greater stroke and more constant pressure.”

Lewis Unruh

Peabody, KS, Exapta customer since ’03 (UniForce on pair of JD 1590s on Houck Hitch)

“I don’t usually jump right into new products, but I did with UniForce because it was what I had in mind needed to be done anyway to go across terraces. I really like it.”

Mike Slipke

Downs, KS, Exapta customer since ’07 (UniForce on 40-ft JD 1890 on 7.5" spacing)

“I am very pleased with the performance of UniForce. I am getting more consistent seed placement across the drill in uneven areas and edges of fields. More downward travel compared to the factory setup makes a big difference and there is also no bouncing of row units. I was also very impressed with the install job by you and Leah. Complete confidence that it was done properly and explained to me. Overall just really happy with UniForce and working with the good folks at Exapta Solutions! Would recommend to anyone looking to improve drill performance.”

Scott Heinemann

Winside, NE, Exapta customer since 2018 (UniForce on JD 1590 box drill 15ft on 7.5" spacing)