“The Ninjas are still new looking after 3 seasons and probably 12,000 acres on each drill.”

Roger Neshem

Berthold, ND, Exapta customer since 2012 (Ninjas, DuraLoks & T-whls on 40' & 60' JD 1890s)

“I’ve tried every different kind of seed bounce flaps that is available. I like yours the best”

Dennis Erickson

“I got your Idea Book in the mail and was extremely impressed with the valuable information. So I found you guys to talk it over at the Nat’l Farm Machinery Show. You guys took the time to walk me thru the concepts of having my drill set up with the correct attachments for successful seeding. I put Ingersoll blades and the Ninja flaps on my used drill. The guy I purchased it from came to the field after I seeded beans and was amazed there were no beans on top of the ground! I said well the goal is to get them in the trench. The Ninja flaps did the job and you guys need to recommend them to everyone that calls in for drill attachments. Thank you for the information and the service you provide!! It makes a difference for us farmers!”

Clyde Strotheide, Carlyle, IL

Exapta customer since 2015

“I put the Ninja seed bounce flaps on my [JD] 1850 last year. Huge improvement over the stupid white plastic flaps that JD puts on them. They are really the best flap out there.”

Jay Herron, Salem, OH

Exapta customer since 2015

“My drill works better than when it was new.”

Bob Berndt, White, SD

Exapta customer since 2015, (Ingersoll blades, Ninja seed bounce flaps on JD 1590)