Mojo Wire for Planters Testimonials

See what Exapta customers have to say about Mojo wires for Planters.

“I went back to regular Keetons with Mojo Wires and love them. No more dirt buildup. Zero. [However,] in 3,000 acres, Keetons were shot on 24-row. I used to fight soft ground and dirt buildup but this fixed it and depth consistency was a major improvement….I love the Mojos—great product!”
Brandon Grubbs

Cullom, IL, Exapta customer since 2011 (Mojos on White 8000-series planter)

“I’ve seen an 8 – 9 bu/a advantage of using the Keetons with Mojo Wires during testing for Precision Planting on my farm. The seed-to-soil contact is more consistent. I hear of guys complaining about Keetons dragging in mud and I used to have a little bit of that issue, but that’s due to not having enough pressure on the Keeton. I now do not have any issues with dragging due to the added downpressure provided by the Mojo Wires.”

Jared Nordick

Rothsay, MN, Exapta customer since 2015

“I’m a big fan of your Mojo Wires. Gives those Keetons a little more ‘backbone.’ ”
Blake Vince

Merlin, Ontario, Mojo wires on 16 row JD 7000 planter

“I run Keetons with Exapta’s Mojo Wire. They give the Keetons more down-pressure. Doesn’t seem to drag seed and the seed is firmly in the v. There is no buildup on the tail anymore. I am mostly corn-on-corn no-till.”
Steve Litwiller

Parnell, IA, Exapta customer since '08 (Keetons w/ Mojos, Thompson closing wheels & toe-out wedges on Kinze 3200 planter)

“I love the Mojo Wires. Amazing—the best stands I ever had, bar none. It looks like every plant came up within 15 minutes of each other. Perfect stands.”
Tom Cannon

Blackwell, OK, Exapta customer since ’03 (T-wheels, toe-out, Mojos, chrome Valions on 16-row JD 1770 CCS)

“We love the Mojo Wire! Best corn stands we’ve ever had once adding the Wires.”
Dennis Siefker

Ottawa, OH, Exapta customer since 2014 (Mojos on JD 7000 planter)

“Without the Mojo Wires, I’d get fertilizer all over my closing wheels. So I knew the Keetons were riding out of the furrow – not firming the seeds. After I installed the Mojo Wires, they kept the Keetons down in the furrow and they were doing what they were actually designed to do. I was really happy with them.”

John Ankerman

St. Marys, OH, Exapta customer since 2016 (Mojos on 12-row JD planter)

“I’ve run Keetons for years and was nearly ‘done’ with them. Last year was our first year for Mojo Wires. We had no soil buildup on the tails whatsoever! The seed placement was perfect.
Terry Schwab

Belle Plaine, IA, Exapta customer since 2013 (Thompson wheels and Mojo wires on 12-row JD 1760 planter)

“I’m really sold on the Mojo Wire and Thompson wheel combination: I had nearly perfect emergence this year [2012]. I think the excellent early stand—vigorous plants with solid roots—saved us when it quit raining and then started again two months later. Each plant got off to a good start partly because of the Keeton + Mojo combination pressing each seed firmly into the slot and the Thompson wheels providing a loose crumbled soil cover. When the water turned off, no plant out-competed its neighbor for resources. They all stopped growing, waiting for water. When the spigot opened, they all started growing again. Had the stand been non-uniform, the strong plants would’ve cannibalized their neighbors. Our yields, 148 bu/a over our entire farm, were 20% to 100% over the reported yields for our area.”
Chuck Zumbrun

Churubusco, IN, Exapta customer since 2010 (Mojos, T-whls & toe-out wedges on 8-row JD 1700-series planter)

“Boy, did those [Mojos] make a difference! Every corn plant is the same height—it’s just so uniform.”
William Klodt

Ottumwa, IA , Exapta customer since 2012 (Mojo Wires on 12-row, 2600 Kinze planter)

“The function of the Keeton is greatly improved with the Mojo Wire. The extra pressure makes all the difference. In my opinion, do not use Keetons without them.”
Jerry Cosper

Memphis, TX, Exapta customer since '07 (Mojo Wires on 12-row planter)

“I really like the Mojo Wires on my planter even though I have to replace the Keetons every year.”

Rolland Winter

Hays, KS, Exapta customer since 2011

“Exapta Mojo Wires are a ‘must’ with Keeton seed firmers — the extra pressure helps a lot with mud sticking to them. I wouldn’t run Keetons without the Mojo Wires, in association with Valion seed-tube guards, spoked closing wheels with wedges and drag chains in our heavy black soils; there is nothing that comes near them for even seed emergence. We tried Rebounders; they helped keep the seed in the bottom of the trench but I didn’t think they were anything to get too excited about. As far as wear goes, I’m in the process of replacing mine with the same setup again — after at least 4,000 acres they are probably a bit past their ‘use by’ date, but our sorghum and corn emergence was pretty fantastic again this year. I think the set up was about $42(US)/row for the Keetons and Mojos — pretty cheap insurance considering corn seed here is $340 per 72,000 seeds.”

Cliff Weier

Dalby, Qld, Australia, Customer since 2013 (Mojo Wires on 13-row JD 1700 planter on 40" spacing)

“We’ve run Mojo Wires on our Keetons for years and they have really helped even our emergence to where we grew 318-bushel corn in the 2017 Nebraska yield contest.”

Greg Keller

Monroe, NE, Exapta customer since 2010 (16-row White 8816 plante

“I just love the Mojo Wires! We run them on every planter we have!”
Tim Morris

Clarksdale, MS, Exapta customer since 2013 (GP 24-row twin-row, JD 31-row 1790, JD 19-row XP, two JD 12-row XPs)

“The Exapta parts that I imported for the 1590 drill and 7300 Planter have worked a treat. Very happy with their performance.”
Anthony Graham

Rangeville, Australia, (Mojo Wires and Thompson wheels on 7300 planter; Thompson wheels on 1560/1590 drill)

“I love the job that this setup of Keetons and Mojo Wires is doing for me. I like it so much, I’m going to buy another set of Keetons and change them out when I am around 50% done planting this year so I can make sure I keep doing a great job.”
Jack Schmitt,

Scott City, KS

“We have used both the Mojos and the Thompson wheels for several years now on our JD planter.  Prior to that, we had been using Keetons with factory wheels.  Our stands were mediocre at best.  Adding the two, we saw an immediate improvement in stand counts.  We are planting no-till into sandy loam soils.  Smearing and mud buildup are not serious problems for us.  Mojos will certainly wear the Keetons out quicker, but if you are worried about wearing the Keetons out, I am not sure why you would put them on.  Keep in mind, going to the Mojo Wire and the Thompson wheel you are changing the entire planting system.  Instead of relying on the closing wheel to close and pack the seed, you are now packing the seed with the Keeton/Mojo Wire and simply crumbling the soil onto the top of the seed to close the trench.  It is an entirely different concept from what the stock JD planter uses, so if you try to use your usual planter settings after you put the parts on, you will end up with way too much down-pressure on your [closing] wheels and it can end up kicking the seed up and out of the trench.  If you are going to put on the Thompson wheels, you just about have to put the Mojos or some other [in-furrow seed-lock] wheel on in order to get the seed adequately packed.”
Dean Lerwick

Lyman, NE, Exapta customer since 2011 (JD 1770 24 row)

“I wouldn’t plant without Mojo Wires.  I’ve seen the difference.”

Tom Cannon

Blackwell, OK, Exapta customer since ’03, (T-wheels, toe-out, Mojos, chrome Valions on 24-row Deere 1700-series)

“I run the Keetons plus Mojo Wires on my corn planters, and they make a great difference.  We are 100% no-till on corn acres, and I’ve noticed less skips since I’ve installed the Mojo Wires.  They keep all the seeds pushed in the seed furrow, where I think some of the corn seeds were bouncing out before.  We tried just the Keetons without the Mojo Wire to start with—they did ok, but the Wires make the setup complete.”
Joey Nobles

Vanceboro, NC, Exapta customer since 2012 (6-row JD 1700 Planter)

“The Mojo Wires really helped prevent mud buildup on my Keetons.”
Drew Thalmann

Haven, KS, Exapta customer since 2010 (Keetons + Mojos on 8-row planter)

“The Mojo Wire is the best thing that ever happened to the Keeton….The last two years [’09 & ’10] were the wettest ever for us, and, shoot, we never had mud balling up like we used to [without the Mojos]. I sure wouldn’t run a Keeton without a Mojo Wire.”
Ralph Holzwarth

Gettysburg, SD, Exapta customer since '08 (Mojos & Keetons on 8-row JD 1700-series CCS planter)

“The Thompson wheels have been a real savior this year as the conditions we’ve had have been horrible for slot closing, especially with the solid rubber OEM wheels. The rubber wheels were either leaving the slot open or simply squishing the sides together creating a potential nightmare for germination if the conditions had gotten drier. The T-wheels have performed excellently in both mud and in dry conditions, and have handled the glut of residue extremely well. I was really pleased in dry conditions as the Thompson wheels (along with the Keetons and Mojos) left a near-perfect setup for even stand establishment.”
Dietrich Kastens

Herndon, KS, Exapta customer since '08 (Thompson wheels & Mojo Wires on 24-row JD 1770 CCS & 12-row 1770 CCS planters)

“I love the Mojo Wires!”

Don Scholting

Gretna, NE, Exapta customer since 2015 (Mojos on 16-row JD 1700-series planter)