Superior Blades

  • Great durability
  • Harder on the periphery
  • 20% Greater wear life

Now available: Forges de Niaux’s superior blades for Case-IH Precision Disc 500 / NH P-2080 / 2085.  Same dimensions as OEM, but with the greater durability of the Forges de Niaux!  Harder on the periphery, for 20% greater wear life. Stays sharper longer. (Note: We don’t stock these in our Salina warehouse; all orders will incur shipping.)


Tough, Proven

20% more wear-life than the next-best—our old standby, Ingersoll-Canada. The Niaux 200s also stay sharp longer. But the additional wear life on the Niaux 200s doesn’t impair their toughness, because the extra hardening occurs only on the outermost inch or so (also, they use a different steel to handle the additional hardening—it’s not the usual 15B30 steel that all the other blades are made from).

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