Aricks Row Cleaners Testimonials

See what Exapta customers have to say about Aricks row cleaners.

“I am currently planting canola into spring wheat. We have a tremendous load of straw and a lot of mud, so we fight multiple challenges. The Aricks row cleaners do everything they are advertised to achieve – I have no regrets of the purchase. I definitely see the reduced hairpinning, so they’ve solved that piece of the puzzle. Every time I look for seed in the furrow, it’s always right where I want it.”

Ben Nystrom

Bonners Ferry, ID, Exapta customer since 2015 (15-ft JD 1590 on 7.5” spacing)

“The Aricks row cleaners did a tremendous job with clearing away the residue, especially in wetter conditions. After installing the row cleaners, there was night-and-day difference in hairpinning. I was amazed how much we reduced hairpinning and in the conditions we were seeding through (wetter). Typically when it’s early or late in the day, you’ll get more hairpinning — but we were able to keep going. We planted canning peas into soybean stubble — our stands are the most consistent and best stands we’ve ever seen in no-till. Really looking forward to see the yields this July! Also, the durability was more than satisfactory. We have a lot of rocks and they held up with no problems. The investment was well worth it!”

Andrew Endres

Hampton, MN, Exapta customer since 2015 (15 ft, 7.5” JD 750 —row cleaners on all 24 openers)

“We like them very much. We farm irrigated land and deal with heavy trash. The row cleaners enabled us to avoid all pre-seeding tillage which was an economic benefit as well as a benefit to our soil.”

Ty Sears

Lethbridge, Alberta , Exapta customer since 2019 (72 Aricks row cleaners on 60’ JD 1895)