Aricks main pin & bushing kits

  • Silky smooth action
  • Teflon-coated steel bushing
  • At least as durable as OEM
  • Far more affordable than OEM
  • 9-year track record in Australia

Aricks Firming & Closing kits

  • Keep pivots running smoothly
  • Teflon bushings with tight tolerances
  • Seals designed to run dry
  • Never have to grease again!
  • 5-year track in dusty Australian conditions

Aricks bushing kits

Aricks Bushing Kits

Keeping the firming and closing arm pivots working properly can be a real hassle on the JD 50/60/90 drills. Even after Deere upgraded them circa 2009 to include seals, they still have a habit of packing full of dirt and not taking grease. But with the Aricks bushing kits from Australia, these pivots will run smoothly and you’ll never have to grease them again! The Aricks seals for the firming & closing pivots have a Teflon coating on the seal contact lip and are designed to run dry, unlike a competitor product from USA — and these Aricks kits have an extensive track-record since ’09 proving their durability and trouble-free nature. The bushings themselves are fiber-wound Teflon impregnated, and the steel sleeve has a hardened chrome finish, for smooth action, and proven to last at least as long as OEM (significantly longer in some conditions). These kits are hugely popular in Australia.

Note: On 50-series,* the firming arm has a pin welded in – this must be removed and a hole drilled in the arm at that spot, and requires a 50-series bushing kit as the sleeve length is longer than the 60/90-series.

*Doesn’t fit the earliest 750s.

Aricks main opener pin kit

The main pin & bushings at the front of the opener on the JD 50/60/90 drills (where the arm attaches to the rockshaft) is another wear item, and it’s critical to maintain furrow width. If these get sloppy, the furrow gets narrower and the boot and firming wheel no longer fit, and seed placement is awful. The first time around, simply rotate the pin by 180-degrees (loosen the bolt locking it in position; put a pipe wrench on the end of the pin).  If this has already been done, and they’ve gotten sloppy again, the next step is to replace pins & bushings. Aricks’ main pin kits have been in the field since 2013, and proven to last at least as long as OEM in tough Aussie conditions, and sometimes significantly longer. However, the Aricks main pins & bushings are a fraction of the cost of OEM, and with Aussie persnicketiness for quality control. Aricks front pin bushings are steel with a Teflon inner layer, and the pin has a hard chrome finish.  Whether merely turning the pins, or doing a complete rebuild, be sure to retorque the retaining bolt to spec when finished; inadequate torque can result in the bushings spinning in the opener arm, ruining it.


About Aricks Opener Main Pin Kit

How to Install Aricks Bushing Kits on John Deere 60/90 No-till Drills

How to Install Aricks Opener Main Pin Kit on John Deere 50/60/90 No-till Drills

After 8 years & 20,000 acres: “They [the Aricks firming & closing bushing kits] were good the whole way through. I never had any problems with them at all. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Ed Whitechurch

Temora, NSW, Australia, (30’ JD 1890

“The only greaseless bushing I know of that can be used on the closing joint that does not shift. Worry free maintenance. Equal and beyond longevity to OEM. I’ve been installing these bushings for 3 years and haven’t yet had a call to come out and replace any.”

Ross Hack

Kansas Air Seeder Service

“We rebuilt the drill this year and it’s been extremely impressive on the rebuild. We put on the better blades [Forges de Niaux], DuraLok firming wheels and the Aricks Main Pins/Bushings. We got to noticing our seed slot was getting very narrow and we just happened to receive one of your flyers that addressed that. We had a lot of slop in those bushings. We planted about 700 ac of soybeans this year and we are getting the best stands we’ve ever seen with this drill. I am very impressed with your products! We don’t mind running this older equipment if you can make it work. You guys [Exapta] have figured out some stuff that other companies haven’t yet. And, your service has been excellent. You have helped us out a lot.”

Jason Peters

Carthage, MO, Exapta customer since 2013 (JD 1560, 15ft on 7.5”)

“So far I think our best decision has been the bushing kits. I installed them all last spring and have not had one row give me any problems! I love not having to grease 104 fittings! Keeping the press arm and closing arm free of seizing up makes everything else work on these 90 series openers.”

Kory Hastings

Great Falls, MT, Exapta customer since 2017 (Duraloks, Ninja flaps, T-whls, bushing kits on JD 1895 43ft with a 1910 TBH cart)

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