2018 & 2019 No-Till Seeding School Videos


Footage from our 2018 & 2019 in-the-field events, featuring Tom Cannon’s keen commentary along with Matt Hagny’s discussion and analysis. Locations: Jason Stanbury’s farm, Lorraine, KS and Kent Stones’ farm near Lebanon, KS. Suggested: Watch our No-till Seeding Explained first.


Missed out on the Seeding School? Get footage of both the 2018 & 2019 schools

We kept the 2018 video footage in the lineup because it has some things that the 2019 doesn’t. 2018 was damp, but certainly not muddy, due to the long dry spell before the rains resumed).  In 2019, we had good moisture when planted, but dryer than your typical spring conditions in this part of the world. It was slightly dry on top, but overall excellent planting conditions and did not receive rain for 10 days after plots were planted.
Note that each year was at a different location, with a different drill and planter. And each year, different questions are asked and addressed. While Tom’s & Matt’s comments from 2019 should be taken to supersede what was said in 2018 about any particular topic, a few things were covered in 2018 but not 2019—they try to be thorough every time, but never achieve perfection in this regard (it’s not scripted!).
See for yourself and listen to the discussion of the stand count results from 2016-2019 in different conditions, locations and planters.

All available in an e-file format (only 2018 is offered in DVD format, if requested).

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