2019 No-Till Seeding School Video


Footage from our 2019 in-the-field event, featuring Tom Cannon’s keen commentary along with Matt Hagny’s discussion and analysis.  Location: Lebanon, KS (Kent Stones’ farm hosting).  Suggested: Watch our No-till Seeding Explained first.


Missed out on the 2019 Seeding School? You can purchase the full 4-hour video for $85.

Some highlights include:

  • Learn very simple, easy adjustments that often provide enormous improvement.
  • An array of adjustments & attachments on planters & drills shown in action.
  • Inspection of corn stands planted a couple weeks prior with the same configurations.
  • Clear explanation of the interactions amongst the components of planters & drills.
  • UniForce & Aricks row cleaner in action on 60′ 1890
  • Experiences with the latest products to hit the market
  • Includes printed handout from the day of the School showing stand results for 4 yrs (planter—different configurations/adjustments on each row)

We hope to host another in 2020, but you don’t have to wait till then to catch up – No need to drive anywhere, stand in the sun or rain, and you can hit pause anytime your brain gets full and needs time to process! And you can review it again next spring.

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