2018 No-Till Seeding School DVD


Footage from our 2018 in-the-field event, featuring Tom Cannon’s keen commentary along with Matt Hagny’s discussion and analysis.  Location: Jason Stansbury farm, Lorraine, KS.  Suggested: Watch our No-till Seeding Explained first.


Missed out on the Seeding School? You can purchase the full 3-hour DVD for $85 while supplies last.

Some highlights include:

  • Learn very simple, easy adjustments that often provide enormous improvement.
  • An array of adjustments & attachments on planters & drills shown in action.
  • Inspection of corn stands planted a couple weeks prior with the same configurations.
  • Clear explanation of the interactions amongst the components of planters & drills.
  • UniForce & Aricks row cleaner in action on 60′ 1890
  • Experiences with the latest products to hit the market
  • Includes printed handout from the day of the School showing stand results for 3 yrs (planter–different configurations/adjustments on each row)