by Matt Hagny, consulting agronomist for no-till systems since ‘94.

I know a number of you think you’ve got this nailed, but the fact is that I see 90% of the planters out there still running nose-down. Part of the problem is that the tongue angle is a big distraction (and the parallel links). And, it takes a trained eye, viewing from a distance, to verify that the planter units are really running level. Sometimes, it’s best to take a photo and look at it later, perhaps with a ruler to guide the eye.

You’re probably weary of this topic, but it is essential to start with this. Any other adjustments you make to down-force, row-cleaners, depth, firming pressure, and closing action will be incorrect, confusing, and frustrating until you get the planter to be nose-up by a couple degrees (or at least get it dead level). Correcting a nose-down planter unit will greatly increase the closing wheel action, for instance: The best closing action is when…continue reading here: Planter-function