DuraLok™ seed-lock wheel

  • Fits JD 50/60/90 series and Case SDX
  • Narrower to fit the furrow better
  • Highly wear-resistant material
  • Top-shelf, custom-built NTN bearings, triple-lip seal
  • Easy bearing replacement
  • Sleek, narrow hub that’s proven to better shed mud, stalks, straw
  • ‘Tire’ won’t pull out of the rim
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Not too narrow, not too wide, not too rigid, not too soft, but just right.



Replaceable bearing

The DuraLok™ uses our custom-built triple-lip-seal bearing by NTN. Easy bearing replacement when that time arrives.



Sleek narrow hub stays clean

The narrow, sleek hub sheds mud better because there is more clearance between the hub and the firming arm. Also there aren’t bolt heads sticking out to snag on vines and straw.

DuraLok vs competitors for mud

The sleek shape of the DuraLok allows it to stay clean when competitor (aftermarket) firming wheels are clogging with mud, pulling seeds out, and dragging against the gauge wheel.  Even the SDX firming wheel was having more problems than the DuraLok.

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“We used the DuraLoks on 4,800 acres with a 60-ft [Deere 1890] air drill. They worked better than OEM and [competitor aftermarket firming wheel] in wet conditions. The soil did not stick to the DuraLoks as much as to the others.”

Scott Arthaud

Keyes, OK

“I tested the DuraLok firming wheels. I highly recommend to pull off the JD wheels and put these on.  I was impressed because they are thin enough to fit perfectly in the seed ‘v’ and have flexibility. I’ve never seen mud buildup on them either.”

John Heermann, Haxtun, CO

Exapta customer since 2015 , (JD 1890 drill)

“I’m happy with the [DuraLoks]. They fit the seed slot well; they do a better job of not collecting mud than the other wheels I’ve tried. Overall, I’m very satisfied with them.”

Chris Hazell, Foremost, Alberta

Exapta customer since 2011, (JD 1890 drill)

“I bought DuraLoks for half my drill to test them out. I was very pleased with how they held up. I’ve ran [competitor] seed-lock wheels in the past and they’d fall apart on me – the [competitor] wheels are too soft. Your wheels have a harder material that makes a difference in how they wear and perform.”

Kynn Molzahn, Naponee, NE

Exapta customer since 2016 , (DuraLoks on all openers of 42-ft JD 1890 drill)


DuraLok firming wheel